The Premiere Visualization Tool

ParaView is used everywhere. It was built to operate in various settings and can be applied to almost any domain. Below are some examples of popular use cases for ParaView, but this list just scratches the surface of what ParaView is capable of. If your domain isn’t specifically listed below, contact Kitware, the developers behind ParaView, to see if it’s the right solution for you. Kitware can also work with you to develop a customized version of ParaView that will meet your specific needs.

Features and Filters

ParaView contains readers for these well-known file formats:

  • ADIOS 2
  • AMReX
  • Ansys Ensight
  • CAM
  • CGNS
  • Chombo
  • CFD
  • CosmoReader (Cosmo and Gadget2 particle formats)
  • EnSight CASE
  • Enzo
  • Flash
  • Fluent
  • GenericIO
  • GDAL
  • FEM
  • MOC
  • MPAS
  • Nek5000
  • NetCDF (CF)
  • OpenFOAM
  • Plot3D
  • Protein Data Bank
  • Spyplot
  • Tecplot
  • Unstructured POP
  • XDMF

ParaView includes more than 200 filters. The following are some of our more these popular filters and tools:

  • Calculator
  • Clip
  • Connectivity
  • Contour
  • Extract Selection
  • Flowpath (Streak Line, Stream Tracer, Surface Flow, Particle Path)
  • Glyph
  • GPU-Rendered Point Sprites
  • Gradient
  • Mesh Quality
  • Plot Data
  • Plot Over Line
  • Plot Over Time
  • Probe
  • Slice
  • Surface LIC
  • Temporal Interpolator
  • Temporal Statistics
  • Threshold
  • Volume Rendering
  • Warp by Vector

Get Started Today

ParaView is always free to use through open source. Experience the award-winning visualization software for yourself. And if you need help using the platform, check out the customization services provided by Kitware.