ParaView provides the tools needed by engineers to assess their simulations quickly in terms of:

  • Simulation correctness and identifying any issues with the simulation such as accuracy, convergence, etc.
  • Product performance evaluation by examining key simulation parameters using state-of-the-art visualization tools
  • Improved understanding of a product’s manufacturing process concerning product performance
  • Unexpected but potentially beneficial relationships between various simulation parameters

ParaView’s visualization tools are constantly evolving both through its open source community as well as through its use in top research laboratories around the world so the functionality it provides remains the state of the art. Click here to see a list of ParaView’s main filters and supported file formats.

ParaView makes it easy for engineers to present their results to their team or a product manager. You can share informative and polished ray-traced animations to stakeholders by providing various rendering options, image capturing, animation controls, and even VR support to help get the point across.

Simulation of flow around an engine

Download ParaView

ParaView is a great tool for mechanical, civil, automotive, and other domains that use FEM. Download ParaView to visualize and analyze your data effectively. You can also contact Kitware if you need customization.

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