ParaView can be applied in areas such as ADAS (Advanced Driving Assistance Systems), autonomous driving, and mapping. It can also be used to localize a lidar sensor relative to a reference object. To make this process more seamless for those working with sensor data, Kitware developed a custom application. LidarView is built on ParaView, and was created to seamlessly process and visualize 3D data. LidarView lays the foundation for applications that stream 3D point data from a running lidar sensor or a PCAP file captured from the sensor using the same application. Because it is built on ParaView, you can apply ParaView’s point processing filters and other key functionalities (e.g. data analysis tools, saving to different formats, etc.). Additional plugins can be added to process the points while streaming the data.

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Lidar data of building and road leading to building

Customizing LidarView

ParaView is a powerful application for processing and visualizing lidar sensor data. In addition to the open source application, LidarView, Kitware has developed numerous custom software solutions for our lidar customers. Kitware team can work with you to customize LidarView and incorporate the application into your existing workflows. Contact us to discuss how LidarView can be applied to your project.

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