The most frequently used ParaView interface is the desktop application. This Qt-based application is supported on the three most common operating systems – Windows, Linux, and macOS. You can seamlessly use local desktop and remote HPC resources to analyze and visualize your data.

ParaView’s desktop application is intended for the post-processing of simulation results. You can create visualization pipelines that can easily handle complex use cases and generate informative and insightful visualizations. It supports many file formats, and can read additional formats via reader plugins. For more information about ParaView’s readers and filters, visit Features.

Screenshot of Desktop version of ParaView showing file structure and visualization

ParaView Support

To get started using ParaView, check out the Resources page. Kitware provides professional support for ParaView, giving you access to its talented research and development team. They can also help customize ParaView, from tailoring it to your workflows to connecting it with your existing tools and more. Learn more about Kitware’s professional support services.