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ParaView Catalyst

ParaView Catalyst Analysis and Visualization represent a sea-change in the way insight is attained at the largest scales of simulation science. The gap between computing performance and I/O throughput continues to grow with the scale of HPC systems, and we are removing that bottleneck with the ParaView Catalyst platform.

ParaView Catalyst

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Computational Model Builder (CMB)

CMB leverages several powerful open source tools and simulation codes and integrates them into an application framework that can be readily adapted to specific problem domains. This approach allows scientists and engineers to focus on their domain expertise rather than worrying about the integration of disparate software and simulation codes.

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Trame empowers users to create stunning, interactive web applications compactly and intuitively. Trame provides complete control of 3D visualizations and data processing thanks to a simple, easy-to-use web framework that combines powerful open source components and systems.

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LidarView is an open source platform that performs real-time visualization, recording, and processing of 3D LiDAR data. Since it is built on ParaView, it can be adapted and extended for custom needs, such as specific point-cloud processing (SLAM, object detection, lane marking interpretation, road-sign recognition, point-cloud labeling, etc.).

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Tomviz is an open source application for processing, visualizing, and analyzing 3D tomographic data. It can handle the full pipeline of data processing, from reconstruction to visualization to analysis. The application provides a robust graphical interface where objects can be rendered as shaded contours or volumetric projections and then rotated, sliced, and/or animated. A suite of Python tools for 3D analysis is packaged within Tomviz to accommodate custom algorithms.

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Glance is a web-based visualization application built to help you quickly visualize your small to medium-sized data through volumetric images, molecular structures, geometric objects, and point clouds. Built on VTK.js, Glance is open source and highly customizable.

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Application Support

ParaView has numerous companion tools that work in unison to create robust features and functionality. If you need assistance with using ParaView or connecting ParaView to these other applications, visit the Resources page. For more advanced and personalized support, Kitware offers paid training and support services.