ParaView Desktop

This is a Qt-based application for Mac, Windows and Linux operating systems in which users very easily open data files and begin to visualize them.

ParaView Python

Python scripts can be played back with or without the GUI in order to create reproducible, easily customizable, and scalable visualizations.

High Performance Computing

ParaView scales to allow visualization and analysis of even the largest scientific results.

Visualize with VeloView

VeloView is an open source application built on top of ParaView that performs visualization of live or captured 3D LiDAR data from Velodyne’s HDL line of sensors.

Immersive Visualization

ParaView’s stereo display modes, efficient tile and cave rendering engine, and VRPN tracking interfaces make such immersion in the data possible.


ParaViewWeb delivers the accessibility of the world wide web combined with the scalability of the ParaView server. The new ParaViewWeb embraces the next-generation of JavaScript specifications, and it comes with more capabilities.

ParaView Catalyst

Catalyst is a light-weight version of the ParaView server library that is designed to be directly embedded into parallel simulation codes to perform in situ analysis at run time.

Welcome to ParaView

ParaView is an open-source, multi-platform data analysis and visualization application. ParaView users can quickly build visualizations to analyze their data using qualitative and quantitative techniques. The data exploration can be done interactively in 3D or programmatically using ParaView’s batch processing capabilities.

ParaView was developed to analyze extremely large datasets using distributed memory computing resources. It can be run on supercomputers to analyze datasets of petascale size as well as on laptops for smaller data, has become an integral tool in many national laboratories, universities and industry, and has won several awards related to high performance computation.

Download Latest Release

ParaView version 5.5. is now available for download.

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ParaView Platform in Action


Climate Research

The Climate Data Analysis Tools (CDAT) project leverages ParaView with other open-source tools to enable analysts to track, monitor, and predict climate changes.


CFD Simulations

Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulations with ParaView enable aviation teams to study lift and drag, and thereby improve design efficiency.


Immersive Data

By immersing themselves in the data with ParaView, researchers can interactively explore data in a more intuitive manner.

Cloud-resolving simulation

Cloud-resolving simulation over Germany using ICON HighRes

PHASTA and ParaView Catalyst

a high-fidelity CFD simulation of flow control applied to realistic wing profiles using PHASTA and ParaView Catalyst.

Shaped Charge Jet Penetration

ALEGRA simulation for shaped charge jet penetration in ceramic plates.

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