ParaView Guide

The ParaView Guide is the official user’s manual and reference guide for ParaView, with chapters covering the user interface and the scripting API.

日本語版はこちら. A Japanese translation of the ParaView Guide by Katsuyuki Nakayama is also available.

Catalyst User’s Guide

The Catalyst User’s Guide is intended for users, and developers looking to use Catalyst for in situ analysis and visualization.


Check here for  tutorials available online.

Developer Documentation

Automatically generated API Documentation for the current Git repository. These Web pages are generated nightly and contain extensive descriptions regarding inheritance, methods, object collaboration, and so on that are particularly useful for developers working with ParaView.

Training Courses

Kitware offers ParaView courses for both users and developers. We provide customized courses at a customer site or at Kitware in the Spring and Fall. Check here for updated course announcements.

Support and Consulting

Kitware offers professional support for ParaView through our ParaViewPro support subscription. You can customize the support for your institution based on the number of end users and computational clusters that require support. Kitware also offers standard and customized training, as well as professional support services, to aid software development and provide visualization solutions to your organization. Check here for more information.

Wiki pages

Additional information can be found on the ParaView Wiki and the ParaView FAQ. Please note that some of the information on the pages is outdated. We are working on updating the Wiki. If you are a regular user and would like to contribute to the Wiki, please let us know by sending a message to the mailing list.

Community forum

The ParaView Discourse Forum is the principal means of communications among users and developers. Use the built-in search tools (no login required) to see if your question has already been answered, or join the forum and post a new topic if you cannot find the answer to your question. Joining the forum is simple by creating a username and password or joining with a Google or GitHub account.

The Kitware Source

The Kitware Source is a quarterly newsletter for developers designed to deliver detailed technical articles, information on recent releases and upcoming changes related to Kitware’s open source products. This includes information on ParaView. Visit the Kitware Source blog to view ParaView related articles. Subscribing to the Source is free. To be added to the Source mailing list, please contact the editor at, be sure to include your full name and postal mailing address in the email.

Kitware would like to encourage our active developer community to contribute to the Source. Contributions may include a technical article describing an enhancement you’ve made to a Kitware open-source project or successes/lessons learned via developing a product built upon one or more of Kitware’s open-source projects. Authors of any accepted article will receive a free, five volume set of Kitware books. Please send your ideas to