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0005507ParaView(No Category)public2007-08-15 17:262007-08-21 11:58
ReporterKen Moreland 
Assigned ToClinton Stimpson 
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Summary0005507: Out-of-order keyframes
DescriptionThe Animation Keyframes dialog box allows you to set arbitrary values for the time of each keyframe. This is good, but results in the possibility of keyframes that are out of order.

The keyframes should be reordered whenever the time of one is moved outside of the range of the surrounding keyframes. The correct interpolation used becomes a bit ambiguous. Just pick values that make sense based on the existing interpolation. They are easy enough to change if they are wrong.
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related to 0003340closedClinton Stimpson Design new animation UI panels 

Clinton Stimpson (developer)
2007-08-20 14:34

They are re-ordered now.

/cvsroot/ParaView3/ParaView3/Qt/Components/pqKeyFrameEditor.cxx,v <-- pqKeyFrameEditor.cxx
new revision: 1.20; previous revision: 1.19

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