[Paraview] Z Buffer Problem in Client-Server

Kent Eschenberg eschenbe at psc.edu
Wed Feb 28 12:18:19 EST 2007

A small update has been made to ParaView bug #4368: it can be observed 
without using a special test file.

In client-server mode display just a sphere - no orientation axes, no 
center-of-rotation crosshairs. With "composition" on zoom in, so the 
sphere is behind you, then out till it is a dot, then back to the 
original size. 3 problems appear:

1) The Z-buffer-like problem where far triangles are shown in front of 
near triangles.

2) Picking a point on the surface for the new center of rotation gets 
the Z wrong (the point will be much closer than the picked point).

3) Zoom via the right mouse button becomes so fast it is hard to control.

Turn off composition (i.e., render on the client) and the problems go 
away. All this is with PV 2.4.4 on Linux.

The "real" test case consists of a complex network of arteries where the 
back side of many arteries are shown instead of the near side. We wish 
to "fly" around to look at special phenomena and, after a while, see the 
same problems observed using the sphere.

Has anyone else seen these problems?

Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center, CMU, Pittsburgh, PA

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