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0007314ParaViewBugpublic2008-07-09 09:452016-08-12 09:57
ReporterDaniel Goldstein 
Assigned ToBerk Geveci 
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Summary0007314: reload button wold be really nice for watching simulations
DescriptionIn V2.6 a trick that existed was to build a visualization, and then as new time steps (more vtk files)
became available from a simulation one could delete the input file name, reload, then repast the file name
and reload and the visualization would then be reloaded with more time steps.

This no longer works with PV3. It would be great to have a reload button that would reload the whole pipe line based on the current pvd input file. This should be universal enough that it would work with other file formats. For me pvd files would cover it.

Just to be clear. I run a simulation. After n steps I build a pvd file and load it into PV. THen I build a pipeline to look at an interesting feature. After n+x steps I rebuild a pvd file with more time steps
(same name). With this new feature I would then hit reload and the pipeline would re-build based on the updated pvd file.

Thanks for all the great work on PV!

Dan (
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has duplicate 0007298closedKen Moreland reloading (ensight) case files 
has duplicate 0007306closedKen Moreland reloading file is not possible - bad usability 
has duplicate 0012100closedKitware Robot A "Reload data" button would be nice. 

olesen (reporter)
2008-08-06 10:34

As suggest by Utkarsh on the mailing list:

One possibility is that we use the "immediate_update" attribute
specified on the property to indicate to the auto-generated GUI that the
property needs to be pushed immediately when the GUI changes, without
waiting for (or affecting) "Apply".

Adding this single feature would provide a means to solve many problems.
olesen (reporter)
2008-08-13 00:40

Example usage case:

Using the ParaView reader module included as part of the OpenFOAM distribution. The GUI has a number of provisions (checkboxes) for altering the reader's behaviour that should ideally be modifiable without requiring the reader to re-execute.

These are the switches
1. Include Sets
2. Include Zones
These two include cell/face/point sets/zones in the list of mesh parts
that can be selected. Once the OpenFOAM mesh is loaded, the zones
information is available and can be included in the list, depending on
whether the user considers it useful or just clutter. Displaying these
on the mesh-parts list leaves the reader output unaltered until the user
explicitly selects a particular set or zone.

3. Show Patch Names
Adds or removes a bunch of vtkTextActors to label the patch (boundary)
region. This can be useful for finding which boundary is where, but
otherwise clutters up the display. Does not affect the reader output.

4. Cache Mesh
Select if the OpenFOAM mesh information should be cached between
time-steps. This skips reading from disk for the geometry, but
unfortunately until the VTK time handling improves, we cannot exploit
this as much as desired. Does not affect the reader output.

Perhaps rather than a simple 'immediate' property, the checkboxes should
receive even more attributes. AFAIK it is currently not possible for the
reader to change the GUI defaults or values. With vtkDataArray, it is
possible to add a listener, but that causes the GUI state to change and
'Apply' lights up green.

A simple example of wishing to push integer information to the GUI:
In the EnSight reader, the modified version has the default ByteOrder as
"auto detect" (UNKNOWN byte-order). After the Ensight binary files have
been read, the byte-order is known and it could be nice to change the
GUI display to reflect this information.
However, the main motivation is the desire to add a local configuration
file that the reader could parse and dynamically set particular reader
Kitware Robot (administrator)
2016-08-12 09:57

Resolving issue as `moved`.

This issue tracker is no longer used. Further discussion of this issue may take place in the current ParaView Issues page linked in the banner at the top of this page.

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