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0002703ParaView(No Category)public2006-01-09 18:292010-01-19 12:35
ReporterAlan Scott 
Assigned ToUtkarsh Ayachit 
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Summary0002703: SNL: enhancement: Hidden line removal for backface surfaces
DescriptionA request has been made for another mode under the display tab, Display Style, Representation:. It would be nice to have "Wireframe, remove hidden lines" or somesuch. Basically, glPolymode lines, backface cull.
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related to 0009881closedKitware Robot Feature - cleaner backface cull with wireframe 

Berk Geveci (administrator)
2006-06-26 16:27

If this can be done quickly, do it. Otherwise defer.
Berk Geveci (administrator)
2006-10-05 15:03

OpenGL guys will be very busy with volume rendering and depth peeling before the release. I am deferring this until later.
Alan Scott (manager)
2006-10-16 14:51

This is an important feature requestbut is probably not critical It is one of the major differences between ParaView and EnSight (i.e., ParaView weaknesses). Lack of this feature causes a major performance hit, and can make wire frame meshes a mess.
Berk Geveci (administrator)
2009-12-09 21:31

VisIt does this too. We should figure out whether it can be done without using fancy GLSL stuff. Otherwise, let's use the code from VTKEdge.
Utkarsh Ayachit (administrator)
2009-12-09 22:21

Code from VTKEdge is already available as a Example plugin. The only reason why it's not standard plugin is because it doesn't work in parallel. That needs some work.
Ken Moreland (manager)
2009-12-10 12:44

This is not exactly the same thing, but there is an option to cull back (or front) faces. Thus, you could turn on wireframe and cull back faces. IF your data is manifold you get a result that is close to what you describe. You should check to see if this satisfies the point of this request.
Alan Scott (manager)
2010-01-19 12:34

Closing since the current Backface Style controls are good enough.

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