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0011428ParaViewBugpublic2010-11-09 16:242010-11-22 22:31
ReporterAlan Scott 
Assigned ToUtkarsh Ayachit 
PlatformOSOS Version
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Target VersionFixed in Version3.10 
Summary0011428: Left mouse behavour on background is wrong
DescriptionWhen designing the left mouse behavour, try for the following:

Never be obnoxious. I.e., never do something that will often have to be changed again by the user. With that in mind,

* If a user left clicks on the background, leave the pipeline browser as was (This is a CHANGE to current behavior).
* If a user left clicks on the background, and moves the mouse, leave the pipeline browser as was (This is current behavior.)
* If a user left clicks on any object, and doesn't move mouse, select this object in the pipeline browser. (This is current behavior, after a bug fix [^]).
* If a user left clicks on an object, and moves the mouse, 3d rotate occurs, objects do not change. (Current behavior).

Please feel free to push back - this is such new behavior that I haven't totally figured out what I want!
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related to 0011427closedUtkarsh Ayachit Left mouse behavour is not right 

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Ken Moreland (manager)
2010-11-10 11:27

Not counting what is already addressed in bug 0011427, basically the only request is that left clicks in the background do not unselect the pipeline object. I wholeheartedly agree. Left clicks (without dragging) on background should do nothing.
Utkarsh Ayachit (administrator)
2010-11-12 22:30

commit d70dc330b136a82923f8c6f6224b91fe11373132
Merge: 31651c7 038db7b
Author: Utkarsh Ayachit <>
Date: Fri Nov 12 22:29:46 2010 -0500

    Merge topic '11428_left_click_behavior_fixes'
    038db7b Fixed BUG 0011428. Don't change active source if user clicked on background.
Alan Scott (manager)
2010-11-22 22:31

Looks fabulous to me. Tested remote server, Windows, Master.

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