[Paraview] Live data source for co-processing in Paraview version 3.14.1

Hong Yi hongyi at renci.org
Thu Mar 21 15:17:38 EDT 2013

Hi Andy,

Many thanks for the useful information. This confirms my suspicion on the live data source after I see information on catalyst, so I'll just go ahead to upgrade my development environment to the latest Paraview version 3.98.1 to be able to leverage catalyst co-processing library for my in-situ work. I have read up a lot of information on coprocessing in ParaView so far, so I think I'll just need to get a specific example running next for a good understanding of specifics, then I can get to specifics such as developing adaptors to interface with the simulation code. At that point, I might have more specific questions.

Thanks again,


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Hi Hong,

The live data source that was done with ParaView 3.14 really was just a demo. It's evolved and has been improved for ParaView 3.98. Not it's in the Tools->Connect to Catalyst GUI menu.

Catalyst is indeed the evolution of what we called the co-processing tools in older versions of ParaView.

If you can give an example of what you're trying to do for in-situ work, I can probably point you in the proper direction.

On Thu, Mar 21, 2013 at 11:45 AM, Hong Yi <hongyi at renci.org<mailto:hongyi at renci.org>> wrote:

I built Paraview server version 3.14.1 on a HPC cluster with all co-processing-related flags turned on including enabling co-processing, all adaptors, and plugins, etc., and built Paraview client/server with no MPI on a local linux machine with co-processing enabled as well. Then I connect the Paraview client running on my local linux machine to the Paraview server running on the HPC cluster to visualize a phasta-generated mesh data on the HPC cluster. All works except that I don't find "Live data source" from paraview "Source" menu. I have not really tried coprocessing library yet, but it is in my next to-do list. In the meanwhile, I'd like to get some advice from this list regarding this missing "Live data source" from Paraview client GUI in case I missed something or did not do something correctly.

On a related question, from http://catalyst.paraview.org/ I don't see specific information on whether the coprocessing library in earlier version such as 3.14.1 is an earlier version of this catalyst. It appears to me this catalyst library only works for version 3.98 and can be built into paraview 3.98 by generating catalyst source tree and building it into paraview. For earlier paraview version 3.14.1, I cannot leverage this latest catalyst source since it only works with version 3.98, is this correct?

Thanks for any information and explanation. I am trying to get myself up to speed on in-situ visualization for large scale simulation, so any related information on in-situ visualization is very much appreciated!


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