[Paraview] Filtering Triangle Data based on single value of 2 component vector

Michael Jackson mike.jackson at bluequartz.net
Sat Mar 16 16:31:16 EDT 2013

We are generating a mesh where each Triangle has a pair of "Grain Id" values associated with it. We store the values as a 2 component vector (which Xdmf doesn't seem to like). The idea being that we want to be able to extract out all triangles where EITHER one of the 2 values match an input value.

Is something like this even possible with ParaView's built in filters? What happens if I write out a 3 component vector (a dummy value in the 3rd slot)? Does that make it possible?

 What if I split up the 2 Component vector into a Pair of Arrays? I guess at that point I would just run the same threshold 2, once on each array then merge the results? 

Ideas or thoughts are much appreciated.

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