[Paraview] QuadView from C++

Michael Reuter reuterma at ornl.gov
Wed Jan 9 16:20:29 EST 2013

Hi Seb,

     After setting the environmental variable and searching the message 
dialog, I find:


Attempting to load 

Loaded shared library successfully. Now trying to validate that it's a 
ParaView plugin.

Plugin's signature: paraviewplugin|GNU|3.98

Plugin signature verification successful. This is definitely a ParaView 
plugin compiled with correct compiler for correct ParaView version.

Updating Shared Library Paths: 

Plugin instance located successfully. Now loading components from the 
plugin instance based on the interfaces it implements.


Plugin Information:

Name : QuadView

Version : 1.0

ReqOnServer : 1

ReqOnClient : 1

ReqPlugins :

ServerManager Plugin : Yes

Python Plugin : No

PV_PLUGIN_PATH: /home/2zr/build/Mantid-PV-398/bin/pvplugins/pvplugins

This looks like it's loaded OK to me.


On 01/09/2013 03:28 PM, Sebastien Jourdain wrote:
> Hi Michael,
> That should work, but please make sure the plugin is properly loaded.
> To do so you can set the environment variable PV_PLUGIN_DEBUG=1 and 
> see if the loading is successfully achieved.
> Seb
> On Wed, Jan 9, 2013 at 10:26 AM, Michael Reuter <reuterma at ornl.gov 
> <mailto:reuterma at ornl.gov>> wrote:
>     Hi,
>         I'm trying to use the new QuadView from inside our C++
>     application. I try and create a pqRenderView pointer for the
>     QuadView using pqObjectBuilder::createView("QuadView",
>     pqActiveObjects::instance().activeServer()). I get the following
>     error:
>     Failed to create a proxy for the requested view type: "QuadView"
>     I thought it might be a plugin loading problem, so I copied it
>     temporarily to where we have our PV_PLUGIN_PATH set so that it
>     gets automatically loaded, but I still get the same error. So, now
>     I'm not sure that it was the plugin not being loaded. What is the
>     correct way to create the view?
>     Thanks,
>     M
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