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Hi David, 

Thanks for greatly narrowing the scope of my efforts. Should I be taking this question to the vtk mailiing list? I tried looking for "vtk's regression test data files" and was not successful. I would like to try that ctest command out and try to expand from there. 



David E DeMarle <dave.demarle at kitware.com>: 

> That is one of vtk's regression tests. To enable it you must first build vtk/paraview from source with the cmake option BUILD_TESTING on. This particular test might also need VTK_DATA_ROOT set to point to the directory where you've downloaded vtk's regression test data files. Once built, change into the build directory and run "ctest -R AreaSel -V" to run just this one test with the verbose output sent to the console.
> On Saturday, February 23, 2013, Chris Fisichella  wrote:
> > I am hoping the members of this list will be able to help me see the amount of work that needs to be done.I am becoming a big fan of OpenFOAM, but the boundary condition selection for arbitrary geometries is lacking in my estimation. OpenFOAM introduced me to ParaView and I am wondering if it would be a perfect tool to specify the surfaces to which fluid boundary conditions should be applied.
> >
> > I see an example called VTK/Rendering/Testing/Cxx/TestAreaSelections.cxx What do I need to do to get that example running? I am looking around the build directory and don't see an executable, but I do see the CMakeLists.txt file. For what I need to do, it would be sufficient to have an .obj model displayed in ParaView. Ideally, I would adapt this code to give me surface points. 
> >
> > What would be involved in making this happen? I assume I'll be running gcc. Do I need to make it be part of a plug-in? I'm a little confused as to where "TestAreaSelections" interfaces with ParaView. 
> >
> > Thanks,Chris
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