[Paraview] Field Data

Colin McAuliffe cjm2176 at columbia.edu
Wed Feb 20 16:33:18 EST 2013

Dear all,

I am having some trouble using Field Data with a vtu file, the file reads

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<VTKFile type="UnstructuredGrid" version="0.1" byte_order="LittleEndian">
<DataArray type="Float64"                                    
Name="time" format="ascii">
     1.00000E-08     1.00000E-08
<Piece NumberOfPoints="      1681" NumberOfCells="      1600">

However when I use the pvpython commands

VTUF = XMLUnstructuredGridReader( FileName=VTUFName )
print VTUF.GetFieldDataInformation().GetArray('time').GetRange()

the result is

(1.0000000000000001e+299, -1.0000000000000001e+299)

Additionally, if I load the file into the paraview app, switch to a  
spreadsheet view, and select field data, there is nothing there.

Is there something wrong with the format of my vtu file?


Colin McAuliffe
PhD Candidate
Columbia University
Department of Civil Engineering and Engineering Mechanics

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