[Paraview] "Number of cores" vs. "Data size"

Arya Mazaheri aryanet at gmail.com
Sat Sep 15 10:03:39 EDT 2012

Hi there, 
1) I have installed and ran paraview in parallel client/server mode. My server has 48 CPU cores and 2 high-end GPUs. But I'm confused that how many cores should I assign to my dataset considering it's size. Is there any equation available which can answer my question?
2) I really don't feel any upgrade in performance in parallel mode. Should I install my GPU driver? I don't have OpenGL installed. Does it affect the performance dramatically?

For example I created a sphere source with 90MB data size. Then I tried to render it as 3d Glyphs. My Macbook Pro with single mode rendered it faster than rendering the same state with 24 cores in parallel mode.

I appreciate any response in advance.

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