[Paraview] Minimal setup for coprocessing in a Fortran solver

Renato Elias rnelias at gmail.com
Fri Sep 14 13:37:03 EDT 2012

Hi there, long time not playing with ParaView and it has evolved so much...

ok, just starting to play with coprocessing in our solver and I have very
first questions before starting. Our solver is entirely written in
Fortran90. Some time ago I've tried to use CMake as its building system but
I got stucked with Fortran modules compilation and linking, thus, I've just
given up. Our build system using plain makefiles and VS projects is so
simple that I'm not encouraged in changing everything to CMake in a short

After taking a look in the Phasta example, I started to adapt it to our
solver but I'm not quite sure about what I'll have to do to link such
adaptor against our code. Is it possible to compile just the adaptor using
cmake and link the produced object file to our code or I'll have to make
CMake take care of the entire building system?! To make it short, what's
the minimalist setup to make compile coprocess support in a fortran code?

-- An adaptor to bridge solver calls to ParaView (ok, I'm sure I'll need
-- A bunch of VTK libraries (which?! Am I forced to use CMake?! I hope
-- Python (it seems that it's necessary only to create the pipeline scripts)

any guideline would be appreciated.


Renato N. Elias
Professor, at Department of Civil Engineering
COPPE/Federal University of Rio de Janeiro
PO Box 68506, Rio de Janeiro, RJ 21945-970, Brazil
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