[Paraview] VTK-file written by ParaView cannot be read by ParaView

Ian Krukow i.krukow at tu-braunschweig.de
Wed Nov 28 11:52:12 EST 2012


I have loaded an EnSight file (results from an external code) into 
ParaView, taken a slice from it and saved it in Legacy VTK format. The 
result is a VTK file with multiblock datasets. When I try to load it 
again, ParaView does not recognise the file format and asks me to choose 
a reader. Why does ParaView not know the format of a file, that it has 
written itself?

The written VTK file contains several "CHILDREN" with part of the data 
(I suppose that it is just divided) plus several empty CHILDREN. If I 
put the data of a single CHILD into a seperate file, I can load it into 
ParaView without any problems.
Now, I could manipulate the file "by hand" (or script), so that I get a 
file I can use again in ParaView, but I just do not think, that this is 
the way it is supposed to be. Can somebody help me?

Best regards

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