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Biddiscombe, John A. biddisco at cscs.ch
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Using the topic_CommandProperty branch on the stage git repo

I added the following to readers.xml under the
   <SourceProxy name="XMLUnstructuredGridReaderCore"
       label="Reload Data"

and a button is created inside the panel for the reader (the file series reader also needs to expose the property because the reader is actually inside the file series reader).
When you click the button the client side proxy is marked as modified, and when you hit accept the Modified function is called on the server side object (the reader) - this then triggers a re-execution and the reader rereads from disk.

All works as expected. I shall see if I can get this accepted into the next patch release as I believe it is a very handy capability to have in a number of places. I'll add the xml changes and push them too, but perhaps other readers (of the list) might suggest which other readers (of files) need this feature added.


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I would like to watch a running transient simulation producing one binary vtu file per timestep. Is there a way to reload the current data set so that newly written timesteps are included (e.g. in the "Plot selection over time" filter), without closing and reopening the whole dataset?

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