[Paraview] ParaViewWeb, vtk filters python description

Alex tuanha_it0306 at yahoo.com
Mon Jun 25 16:25:39 EDT 2012

Hi everybody, 

   Well, I found that using vtk Filter (Threshold, Clip, etc.) is simple within ParaViewWeb, we have a list of filters so that we can use the filters @ http://paraview.org/Wiki/ParaView/Users_Guide/List_of_filters
   We can use "threshold = paraview.Threshold({Input:proxy,ThresholdRange:[300,600]})" to applicate a threshold between 300 and 600 for an image.
   So, my question is : where can I find the python script .py which describes the way of using vtk Filters in ParaViewWeb?

   If there isn't any file python script like that, how can we define a function that take in value as described above? How can we tell the ParaViewWeb to take in different type of variable?

   I mean : def ImageThreshold(proxy,ThresholdRange......) or something like that?

   Thank you very much for your reply.
   Good day everybody :)
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