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Tuan Ha Tran tuan-ha.tran at insa-lyon.fr
Thu Jun 7 11:12:17 EDT 2012

I tried to call my function double calculateOptimalThreshold(vtkImageData *voi) which have a return attribute as an OpThreshold that I want to extract the value as well.

I use the following tab for my .xml ServerManager.

<DoubleVectorProperty name ="calculate" command="calculateOptimalThreshold" number_of_elements = "1">
        <DataTypeDomain name ="input_type">
 		<DataType value = "vtkImageData">
But I failed to apply my filter with the following error 

############ ABORT #############
ERROR: In /home/thtran/PV/ParaView/src/ParaViewCore/ServerImplementation/vtkPVSessionCore.cxx, line 368
vtkPVSessionCore (0x101ac20): Object type: vtkOtsuSphereSource, could not find requested method: "calculateOptimalThreshold"
or the method was called with incorrect arguments.

while processing
Message 0 = Invoke
  Argument 0 = vtk_object_pointer {vtkOtsuSphereSource (0x29ef5f0)}
  Argument 1 = string_value {calculateOptimalThreshold} ======================================================================
Can you please help me? It really really important for me indeed.
Thank you from my heart for your help.

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Hi everybody,
    I have another question, I hope that you can help me.
    So, my class vtkOtsuSphereSource has an attribute name "OpThreshold" of type double.
    I want to Set it value using ParaView.
    I followed an tutorial from which I can get my job done by adding some tab in my .xml file. the tutorial I told is in the IEEE Vis 09 conference.

    So, to set OpThreshold, I added the followed tab : 
   <DoubleVectorProperty name="OpThreshold"  command="SetOpThreshold" number_of_elements ="1" default_values="0">
    And normaly, I can entre a value in a box in ParaView GUI. but I have a Core Dump, here is what I have as error : 

paraview: /home/thtran/PV/ParaView/src/ParaViewCore/ServerImplementation/vtkSIProxy.cxx:453: virtual bool vtkSIProxy::ReadXMLProperty(vtkPVXMLElement*): Assertion `!name.empty() && this->GetSIProperty(name.c_str()) == __null' failed.
Aborted (core dumped)
          I think that I don't get the .xml written as expected but I don't have any idea where is the problem.
    Please help me. It is really important for me to get through this. 
    My .xml is as followed : 
  <ProxyGroup name="filters">
   <SourceProxy name="OtsuSphereSource" class="vtkOtsuSphereSource" label="Otsu Sphere Source">

        long_help="Ce filtre calcule a partir dune image donnee le meilleur seuil"
        short_help="Calcule meilleur seuil">

           <ProxyGroupDomain name="groups">
             <Group name="sources"/>
             <Group name="filters"/>
           <DataTypeDomain name="input_type">
             <DataType value="vtkImageData"/>
      <DoubleVectorProperty name="OpThreshold"  command="SetOpThreshold" number_of_elements ="1" default_values="0">
      <DoubleVectorProperty name = "OpThreshold" command="GetOpThreshold" number_of_elements = "1" default_values="0" information_only="1">

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