[Paraview] Paraview 3.14: Receiving "Unexpected Property" Message from OpenFOAM Reader

Rouven Weiler Rouven_Weiler at gmx.net
Sun Jul 8 06:17:13 EDT 2012

Hi there,

I am using Paraview from the git-reopsitory (origin/master). I compiled it to use the VisItBridge.

The included OpenFOAM Reader (should be the one of the VisItBridge), throws the messages "Unexpected property: MeshStatus" and "Unexpected property: MeshRegions". The mesh i snot shown afterwards.

I am trying to create my own VisIt Plugin but I get the same message "Unexpected property: MeshStatus". 

Finding out what causes these messages would help me to find out if it is my code or something in paraview/visit.

Thanks in advance.


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