[Paraview] Icet test build fails with Paraview-3.12.0

Rakesh Hammond rakesh.hammond at googlemail.com
Sat Jan 7 07:07:24 EST 2012


I am trying to build the ParaView-3.12.0 (stable release on 08th of
November 2011) with an mpich library on Linux with gcc-4.5.2.

The IceT tests unfortunately fails.  Having looked around the bug tracker,
I found this ticket


The problem I am having is same as what is described here, unfortunately
the fix was merged into the current development directory on the 11th of
November 2011.

Is it possible to find out exactly what the fix was ? (for example doing a
commitdif?). I am not familiar with git that much, but looking around I was
unable to get the code difference.  If any one knows how to get the
changes, please send me the url link.

Is there are any plans to release a patch for 3.12.0 any time soon?  At
work, we are not allowed to build from nightly builds, so I am a little bit
stuck on how to progress further.  My options are either to wait for a
patch or make the necessary modifications for the stable 3.12.0 and build.

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