[Paraview] VR-Plugin (VRPN connection) linker error

Stephan Rogge Stephan.Rogge at tu-cottbus.de
Tue Dec 4 03:05:01 EST 2012


thank you very much for that hint. The linker error is gone :-).

We have a Virtual Environment with two back-projected walls. Each wall (2.6 m x 1.625 m) is lit by two projectors for stereoscopic presentations. Furthermore we use an infra-red tracking system from A.R.T with their VRPN server implementation to provide ParaView with tracking data. Beside a head target we use a so called Flystick. It has 6 DOF pose data, a small joystick and 6 Buttons and want to use to manipulate the view. 

The head tracked representation of a ParaView scene is really great. We have increased the depth perception, by building a virtual (background) scene. It is basically a room which extends the back projection space in, so the user seems to look through a window in room. This virtual scene is the starting point for building visualizations. Usually, our visualizations floating at the center of that room. The downside of this approach is to scale down large objects to fit in the view space which is not a big deal in our case. Another drawback is that we cannot use the camera manipulation. Rotating the camera would lead to a rotation of the entire scene (including the virtual background). 

Unfortunately, the current styles are limited to manipulate the virtual camera transformation, rather than single objects. But I saw in git that the geometry representation API has been extended to provide access to its transformation. Is it planned to have a VR style which manipulates the transformation matrix of a geometry object directly?


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Betreff: Re: [Paraview] VR-Plugin (VRPN connection) linker error

Hi Stephan,
On Mon, Dec 3, 2012 at 6:19 AM, Stephan Rogge <Stephan.Rogge at tu-cottbus.de> wrote:

I’ve tried recently the new VR-Plugin with GUI support and I have to say at first: Thank god for having a GUI to configure VR(PN) related things.. ☺ Furthermore, I want to give a small advice: During linking of that plugin a linker error occurs. It says that

“pqSaveStateReaction::saveState();” and “pqLoadStateReaction::loadState();”

cannot be linked (missing symbols).

Thanks for bringing this up. Dave already replied to your email. We are in the final stage of pushing the best VR Plugin in next few weeks. Our goal is to create best user experience possible given our funding and time constraints. Could you please tell us more on how you are using the VR Plugin?


Platform: Windows 7 64Bit
Source: git master
Qt: 4.8.1 (64 Bit, VS 2008)
Compiler: VS 2008 64 BIt
VR-Plugin: VRPN enabled


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