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Kharche, Sanjay Sanjay.Kharche at liverpool.ac.uk
Fri Aug 17 07:21:21 EDT 2012

Dear All

I am new to ParaView. I need to write binary files from my C code for viz with ParaView. So far, I assign values to a M x N 2D array, and write legacy VTK files - that works fine. I used code as pasted below to see if I can get the binary output (which uses a simple fwrite) working, but was unable to viz the data in the binary output. Can someone suggest how to write ParaView raw binary files (hopefully with minimal headers), and how to viz them interactively using the GUI.


relevant code part:

    // write to file
    if (fcnt == 40) {
// Legacy VTK format: this works fine.
        str = malloc (64*sizeof(char));
        sprintf (str, "fhn_2d_%d.vtk", cnt++);
        out1 = fopen (str, "wt");
        fprintf(out1, "# vtk DataFile Version 3.0\n");
        fprintf(out1, "vtk output\n");
        fprintf(out1, "ASCII\n");
        fprintf(out1, "DATASET STRUCTURED_POINTS\n");
        fprintf(out1, "DIMENSIONS %d %d 1\n",N+1,M+1); // N+1 columns, M+1+header rows
        fprintf(out1, "SPACING 1 1 1\n");
        fprintf(out1, "ORIGIN 0 0 0\n");
        fprintf(out1, "POINT_DATA %d\n",(N+1)*(M+1)); // total number of points on structured data.
        fprintf(out1, "SCALARS ImageFile float 1\n");
        fprintf(out1, "LOOKUP_TABLE default\n");
        for (m = 0; m <= M; m++) {
            for (n = 0; n <= N; n++)
            fprintf (out1, "%6.4f ", u[n][m]);
            fprintf (out1, "\n");
        fclose (out1);

        // binary output of the same data. Limited understanding of what ParaView wants.
        str = malloc(64*sizeof(char));
        out1 = fopen(str,"wb");

        fcnt = 0;


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