[Paraview] some ui issues

Burlen Loring bloring at lbl.gov
Wed Aug 15 19:31:17 EDT 2012

Hi Kyle,

Have you noticed that sources with 3d widgets (eg line source) have 
duplicate entries?

I just pulled from master and saw the new property and display buttons 
to collapse their respective properties, that's nice! It would be great 
if when collapsed the display button would then move to the bottom of 
the widget freeing up real estate for the remaining properties.


On 08/15/2012 09:20 AM, Burlen Loring wrote:
> Hi Kyle,
> Thanks, the following steps reproduce slice filter issue:
> start paraview, build the following pipeline:
> wavelet source -> slice
> in the pipeline browser:
> select wavelet, select slice, select wavelet
> The slice filter is marked modified.
> Is there going to be a way of undocking the display properties from 
> the object properties? In our filters/sources with a number of 
> properties having that real estate makes it easier to use.
> Burlen
> On 08/15/2012 08:43 AM, Kyle Lutz wrote:
>> Hi Burlen,
>> On Mon, Aug 13, 2012 at 8:50 AM, burlen<burlen.loring at gmail.com>  wrote:
>>> I've noticed that the slice filter is having similar issue: apply 
>>> activated
>>> by selecting in the pipeline browser. In my panels this was because 
>>> pv is
>>> creating/destroying the panel as the object is selected/deselected 
>>> in the
>>> browser so I had to be more careful during the initialization not to 
>>> mark
>>> the object as modified, it's probably a similar issue.
>> Yes, this behavior has changed with the new panels. Property widgets
>> should be lightweight and avoid doing any heavy computation or
>> communication.
>> Also, if you could give me a list of steps to reproduce incorrect
>> modified flag issue I could take a look and fix it for you.
>> Cheers,
>> -kyle

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