[Paraview] Chart View Question

Brian Panneton brian.panneton at gmail.com
Fri Sep 30 09:45:53 EDT 2011

I currently have a plugin which consists of a reader that outputs a
multiblockdataset which then goes into a custom representation and is
displayed in the 3d view. I now have more data (xy stats held in a vtkTable)
being read in which would end up being viewed in a chart or xyplot. At the
moment I can see two ways of doing this:

1) Have multiple outputs for the reader (0 -> multiblockdataset, 1 ->
vtktable). My problem with this is that I would have to open the vtktable
with the spreadsheet before I can plot/graph it. I would prefer that it just
opened the plot.

2) Have 1 output with a vtktable as part of the multiblockdataset. Add
another representation to view just the vtktable. This way I can plot/graph
the vtktable and add in other data if necessary. The issue I am having with
this option is setting up the Extension and RepresentationType in the xml.
Would I need to create a custom view?

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