[Paraview] XDMF with Temporal Collection, no time value - crashes ParaView (but loads in VisIt)

Jon Goldman goldman at stellarscience.com
Fri Jan 21 15:55:36 EST 2011


We are using ParaView and VisIt to visualize some data in XDMF format.

I have a simple XDMF file (see below), which loads and shows in VisIt, 
but which crashes in ParaView. It seems to be crashing ParaView because 
the CollectionType='Temporal', but there are no timesteps defined. If I 
add a time value, e.g. <Time Value='0'></Time> inside the grid, then it 
does not crash.

But that begs the question:
- Is my Xdmf without the "<Time Value='0'>"a validly formed file, or am 
I just being lucky that VisIt can read it?


--- XDMF file follows --------

<?xml version='1.0'?>
<!DOCTYPE Xdmf SYSTEM "Xdmf.dtd" []>
<Grid CollectionType='Temporal' GridType='Collection'>
<Grid GridType='Uniform' Name="SimpleMesh">
<Topology TopologyType="2DRectMesh" Dimensions="5 5"> </Topology>
<Geometry GeometryType="VxVy" Name="SimpleCoords">
<DataItem Dimensions='5' Format='XML' ItemType='Uniform' Name='XCoord' 
NumberType='Float' Precision='8'>
             0 1 2 3 4
<DataItem Dimensions='5' Format='XML' ItemType='Uniform' Name='YCoord' 
NumberType='Float' Precision='8'>
             0 1 2 3 4

*Jon Goldman*
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