[Paraview] Automatic reverse connection from cluster to desktop/laptop

pat marion pat.marion at kitware.com
Mon Sep 20 12:19:31 EDT 2010

Hi John,

Attached is a simple socket relay program, pulled from Visit source code.
Not sure if this will be useful to you, but it gives you a simple program
like so-

   Usage ./socket_relay <target host> <target port> <listen port>

You could run this on a service node.  It works with ssh reverse tunnels
when gateway ports are disabled.  Use at your own risk :)


On Mon, Sep 20, 2010 at 11:53 AM, Biddiscombe, John A. <biddisco at cscs.ch>wrote:

> I recently made some simple scripts which build on the nifty server
> management XML found on the wiki and allow you to launch jobs remotely, and
> have them connect back to you - from within the paraview GUI.
> Explanation is here
> http://www.paraview.org/Wiki/ParaView:Server_Configuration#Case_Eleven:_Launch_pvserver_on_a_cluster_using_PBS_-_use_reverse_connection_to_client
> Enjoy
> JB
> If you make improvements (find ip etc) then please let me know. One thing
> I'd like to do, is all the above, but also have port forwarding, so you can
> launch the client locally, but have the compute nodes communicate via a
> service node and forward stuff back to you. I'm sure it can be done, but
> since port forwarding is disabled on our cray, I've not tried setting it up.
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