[Paraview] Skinfriction, streamlines etc

Adriano Gagliardi agagliardi at ara.co.uk
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There are two ways:
1) Create a vector of your skin friction components using the calculator.
Turn on Surface LIC (you'll require GPU support for this to work).
2) Create a vector as above. Extract your region of interest with Extract
Block. Use Mask Points and set it to random and give it a sensible number.
Then use streamlines with custom filter. Your input is the Extract Block,
your source is the Mask Points, and your vector is skin friction.
hope this helps,


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Hi I'm new to Paraview, I'm looking for a way to visualize the skinfriction
as an oil pattern plot over an object imported via ensight. In fluent it's
very simple but I don't know the steps for doing it in Paraview. I have seen
multiple examples of this on Internet but I can't get it to work. I'm using
a desktop with windows 7.
Many Thanks in advance

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