[Paraview] no probe over line output with paraview scripting

m.c.wilkins at massey.ac.nz m.c.wilkins at massey.ac.nz
Wed Oct 27 16:30:47 EDT 2010


I am driving paraview via pvpython, and trying to do a probe over
line.  I would think this is quite easy, but it is proving
frustratingly difficult!  This is what I am typing

from paraview import servermanager
c = servermanager.Connect()
reader = servermanager.sources.XMLUnstructuredGridReader(FileName =
pl = servermanager.filters.ProbeLine(Input = reader)
pl.Source.Point1 = [-7000, -5000, 0]
pl.Source.Point2 = [4300, 6300, 1111.75]
view = servermanager.CreateRenderView()
rep = servermanager.CreateRepresentation(pl, view)

I get a nice picture of the x axis and a short y axis, but nothing
plotted.  I try a probe over line in paraview with the same beginning
and end points and I get data displayed.

I am not specifying what variables should be displayed for the probe
over line, so perhaps nothing is getting displayed?  I cannot for the
life of me find how I would specify what to display though.  If I do a
probe over line in paraview with the Python Shell Trace running, I can
see that the SeriesVisibility attribute in the
paraview.servermanager.XYChartRepresentation object is being set.
However I don't have that representation, I only have the 'rep' above,
and that doesn't have a SeriesVisibility attribute.

Thank you for any help, even if it is a pointer to where this is


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