[Paraview] calculator filter - invalid array name

Aurélien Marsan aur.marsan at gmail.com
Wed Oct 27 04:10:16 EDT 2010

It seems that you're using wrong names.

The name of the only data that you can use in the formulas are available
under the buttons "scalars" and "vectors" in the calculator filter.
If you don't see anything, no variables is stored at the points of your

You can see the data stored at the center of cells by into the information

2010/10/26 Jean-Baptiste Leydet <Jean-Baptiste_Leydet at whirlpool.com>

> Hey all,
> I'm experiencing issues with the calculator filter. Basically I'm trying to
> create local_entropy_generation_rate=F(turbulent_viscosity
> ,space_derivatives_of_velocity_components) and I keep getting some kind of
> error in vtkArrayCalculator.cxx, line 305, like  "Invalid array name:
> VectorGradient" or "Invalid array name: TurbVisc".
> I tried messing around with the cell-to-point or point-to-cell data filters
> but it did not help. My initial input is one single CFD dataset created by
> Code_Saturne. I can display the turbulent viscosity and the derivatives of
> the velocity field as I wish, but I don't manage to use the array data to
> create my entropy function...
> Any clue?
> Thanks!
> JB
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