[Paraview] calculator filter - invalid array name

Jean-Baptiste Leydet Jean-Baptiste_Leydet at Whirlpool.com
Tue Oct 26 11:48:23 EDT 2010

Hey all,
I'm experiencing issues with the calculator filter. Basically I'm trying 
to create local_entropy_generation_rate=F(turbulent_viscosity 
,space_derivatives_of_velocity_components) and I keep getting some kind of 
error in vtkArrayCalculator.cxx, line 305, like  "Invalid array name: 
VectorGradient" or "Invalid array name: TurbVisc".

I tried messing around with the cell-to-point or point-to-cell data 
filters but it did not help. My initial input is one single CFD dataset 
created by Code_Saturne. I can display the turbulent viscosity and the 
derivatives of the velocity field as I wish, but I don't manage to use the 
array data to create my entropy function...

Any clue?

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