[Paraview] vtkClientServerStream::InsertArray(temp20,4)

Favre Jean jfavre at cscs.ch
Sat Oct 23 17:29:22 EDT 2010

    Hi all

I have the following definition for a home-made reader where I wish to pass 5 integers back to my python client.

       default_values="0 0 0 0 0"

The problem I have with both version 3.8.1 and 3.9 is that the auto-generated code gets written as:

  if (!strcmp("GetWindices",method) && msg.GetNumberOfArguments(0) == 2)
    int     *temp20;
      temp20 = (op)->GetWindices();
      resultStream << vtkClientServerStream::Reply << vtkClientServerStream::InsertArray(temp20,4) << vtkClientServerStream::End;
      return 1;

i.e with an InsertArray(temp20,4) instead of what I wish to see, an InsertArray(temp20,5);
5, because I wish to pass an array of 5 values. If I modify the auto-generated code and replace 4 by 5, everything works inside my Python shell as expected.

Have I made an error in my XML code, such that the auto-generated code fails to give me what I expect?


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