[Paraview] Overloading Mandelbro in PointSprite Plugin

Biddiscombe, John A. biddisco at cscs.ch
Fri Oct 22 03:41:14 EDT 2010

This is an error introduced by some cut'n'paste that clearly didn't quite get cleaned up properly. If it's not already fixed on the main branch, I'll take a look at it. The point sprite plugin needs a bit of work - I've been having trouble with it too recently.


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Subject: [Paraview] Overloading Mandelbro in PointSprite Plugin

Hi all,

Mandelbrot source was overloaded when I loaded PointSprite plugin
in paraview 3.8.1. I saw two Mandelbrot sources in the menu Sources
when I loaded it. It may cause some confusion in paraview.

In PointSprite_Rendering.xml, the class vtkImageSpriteSource was
labeled Mandelbrot.

I don't know the reason why the class had to labeled Mandelbrot,
but i think it would be better for the class to use other name
instead of Mandelbrot or to change ProxyGroup name in which the
class belongs from "sources" to "internal_filters".


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