[Paraview] git bisect results hooperlab OSMesa build failures

Kevin H. Hobbs hobbsk at ohiou.edu
Wed Oct 20 12:33:56 EDT 2010

The hooperlab OSMesa builds have been failing for two days.

I did a git bisect on ParaView (VTK OSMesa isn't failing) and came up with :

25ea37421df423f132e014da31d6cbdca5caad2a is the first bad commit
commit 25ea37421df423f132e014da31d6cbdca5caad2a
Author: Utkarsh Ayachit <utkarsh.ayachit at kitware.com>
Date:   Mon Oct 18 13:08:27 2010 -0400

    Forwarding VTK to bring in latest paraview_views_refactoring merge.

:160000 160000 b1683b8880964f69d7ecb3f918618c6422897d8b
91e89e83dbc2a317f08f0715cafffa7f10ce7841 M      VTK

I'll redo the bisection on the VTK in ParaView.

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