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Brockmann Patrick Patrick.Brockmann at cea.fr
Tue Oct 19 09:26:04 EDT 2010

Paul Edwards a écrit :
> Hi Patrick,
> Have you tried adding a StringVectorProperty to your XML for a 
> filename (with <FileListDomain name="files"/>) and having a GUI XML 
> file for adding a reader?  I think someone suggested you look at the 
> helix source xml 
> (http://paraview.org/gitweb?p=ParaView.git;a=blob;f=Examples/Plugins/HelixSource/helix.xml;h=d6c385561d9cdffc5298ced17d700bae8bc167b6;hb=HEAD) 
> and you can see how to add the GUI XML file in the other reader 
> example 
> (http://paraview.org/gitweb?p=ParaView.git;a=tree;f=Examples/Plugins/Reader;hb=HEAD)
Hi Paul,

Thanks to share your experience on this topic.
As I wrote to another paraview user,
my python code is a small 200 lines using netCDF4, numpy
and its conversion is not as straightforward as it could be because I use
many numpy functions.
Of course, I can do it but the python approach is more attrative.

I have tried to add
        <FileListDomain name="files"/>

to the helix.xml example but
when I load it nothing appears in the source menu.

What I would like is a Python Reader example.
If someone has this to share, I am very interested.


Data Analysis and Visualization Engineer
IPSL Global Climate Modelling Group

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