[Paraview] Volume calculation of unstructured meshes (or image stacks)

Paul McIntosh paul.mcintosh at internetscooter.com
Mon Oct 18 22:57:45 EDT 2010

Hi All,

What is the general approach for calculating volumes of unstructured meshes?

I have a generalised problem of converting scan data of various types into
something where I can automatically calculate the volume of objects. I have
been trying a number of approaches but I am getting results which suggest
that I am doing it incorrectly.

The most likely pipeline so far looks like:

Image Stack -> Threshold -> Iso Volume -> Integrate Variables

However I see other approaches like vtkMassProperties.

I am guessing I need the best end datatype to calculate volume and process
of getting to that datatype? Or is it better just to work on the image data?



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