[Paraview] Visualisation for the solution with variable time step size

Thomas Flaig a11btfla at unibw.de
Mon Oct 18 10:09:06 EDT 2010


I am solving a time-dependent pde and want to use Paraview for the
visualisation of the solution. The time integration is chosen
adaptively, i.e. the size of the time steps is not constant.
Furthermore I want to compare the numerical solution with different
time discretizations. Therefore I need to encode the information about
the time in the vtk files.

Actually I would prefer to use legacy-ASCII-vtk-files
(example.001.vtk, example.002.vtk,.....).

Is there any possibility to get this information in the legacy vtk-files
so that Paraview can use them? Or do I really need to use vtk-xml-files?

I have attached a minimal example with 3 legacy-vtk-files.
If I open these file with Paraview, I don't see any information about
time in Paraview, but the files are just numbered (0,1,2).

Kind regards,


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