[Paraview] Animation follow path

Gerard Droege gdroege at lpl.arizona.edu
Wed Oct 13 16:25:41 EDT 2010

I'm using ParaView 3.8.1 and trying to create an animation sequence over 
some topography.    The 'help' built into the tool when looking for help 
on animation appears to refer to a much earlier version of paraview, 
which appears to have changed considerably.  

When I open the Animation View window,  I can create an 'orbit' 
animation using selecting 'Camera' and 'Orbit' then clicking on the plus 
sign to insert orbit parameters.   However, when I try to create an 
animation that follows a path using 'Camera' and 'Follow Path',  it isnt 
obvious where one sets up the path to follow.   Clicking on the plus 
sign doesnt do anything.   

Any suggestions on how to create a simple animation following a path 
(fly over)?

thanks much


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