[Paraview] Descriptive statistics filter

Martin Vymazal martin.vymazal at vki.ac.be
Wed Oct 13 14:51:11 EDT 2010

Hello David,

  thanks a lot for your help.

  Best regards,

   Martin Vymazal

Quoting David Thompson <dcthomp at sandia.gov>:

>>> My second question concerns the keyword 'Cardinality' in descriptive
>>> statistics.... When I make a slice of my mesh and apply the
>>> statistics to it, for example, the cardinality values are far bigger
>>> than the number of nodes of the sliced plane or curve. Is cardinality
>>> always the total number of nodes of the grid?
>> The reason that you see a large number of points for the cardinality
>> of a slice is that slicing creates a new mesh whose nodes are not
>> always nodes of the original mesh... they are intersections of mesh
>> edges with the slice plane.
> Slicing MAY also convert hexahedral cells into triangles before  
> intersecting edges with the slice plane (I just don't recall for  
> sure).
> 	David

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