[Paraview] Programmable filter python and GUI

Aurélien Marsan aur.marsan at gmail.com
Wed Oct 13 09:04:18 EDT 2010

> * When the script is long, it is not convinient to implement it
> inside the XML file. Is there an example to use a "import script" ?
This is the way I use this feature.
Your script and all the libraries inside it must been viewable in your

* Does the XML file provides a Property to select a file to be opened ?
It would be great, but I don't know how to do.
In my xml files, I ask for the complete path to the file to read.

 *  Imagine that the 1st argument is a file to open. The second
> argument possible variables to load. Is it possible to fill a list
> with those variables get from the file opened ?
Here again. It would be great. But I don't think it is possible.

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