[Paraview] setting the flags for compilation for offscreen rendering support

Milos Ilak ilak at mech.kth.se
Sat Oct 9 11:31:33 EDT 2010


I have been using ParaView with Python scripts successfully, but I still
have the problem of offscreen rendering not working properly, i.e., I always
get a screen popping up every few seconds while the script is running. From
the discussion below I understand that setting up offscreen rendering
properly is done at compile time:


But I am not sure where I need to set the flags mentioned, such as
VTK_USE_OFFSCREEN, VTK_USE_DISPLAY, etc. I would like to try this myself
before I ask the admins on the cluster I am using to do it for me. I have
been looking at the Makefiles and config files in the 3.8.1 version, but
there are so many of them...Should this be done in vtkPVConfig.h.in perhaps?


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