[Paraview] Color of ImageData points

Eric E. Monson emonson at cs.duke.edu
Fri Oct 8 06:50:15 EDT 2010

If you look back in the mailing list there should be some better explanation of the reasons behind this, but when you choose Points representation for ImageData, it is only rendering the outer layer of points, not all of them from inside the block, too. When you apply the glyph filter you are creating PolyData, and so the rendering algorithm is different, and you can see all the points throughout the space.


On Oct 6, 2010, at 9:10 PM, David Doria wrote:

> If you open vase_1comp.vti from VTKData and set representation to points, all of the points appear black. If you apply a glyph filter (2D vertex glyphs) you can see some of the points of the vase are white. If you set the Maximum Number of Points to 50,000 in the properties tab of the glyph filter, you can pretty much see the vase (as white points). Is there a way to see these white points without applying the glyph filter? Shouldn't this be what you see as soon as you open the data set (it is displaying the points when representation=points, so it might as well color them, right?)?
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> David
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