[Paraview] Multi-views with multiple animated cameras

Raymond.Cohen at csiro.au Raymond.Cohen at csiro.au
Wed Oct 6 02:49:35 EDT 2010


I would like to have two separate 3d views of my data that have a different moving camera in each.

If I set up my scene with 2 views, then go to Animation view, it only allows me to add a single "Camera" animation which is only associated with one of the views. I have discovered a clumsy workaround which is:

o start with 1 view
o add a camera animation "Interpolate between locations"
o split the view so there are now 2 views
o add another camera animation "Interpolate between locations", which will be associated with the new view.

May I suggest that in the "Animation view" add drop box that all the individual cameras are listed individually?

On a separate note, is it possible for links between cameras positions to be done on individual elements of the ViewPosition (e.g. x/y/z)?


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