[Paraview] Saving integrated data on an animated slice

Richard GRENON richard.grenon at onera.fr
Tue Nov 30 08:08:45 EST 2010

Hello everybody.

I am performing Surface flow integrations over the skin of an aircraft 
and I would like to see how the integration depends on the X coordinate 
with integrations from the nose of the aircraft to some X moving plane.

I am using the Surface Flow filter over a Clip object, and I have 
animated the X coordinate of the origin of the cutting plane in the Clip 
object. Using a spreadsheet view, I can see the value of the Surface 
Flow object changing with the X coordinate, but I don't know how to save 
the data of the Surface Flow object for all animations steps into a 
single csv file. I don't want to save the animated pictures, just the 
animated data into a single csv file for further computations with 
OpenOffice Calc.

I first tried to select the Surface Flow object then File->Save data, 
but even when I check the "Write all time steps" box of the "Configure 
Writer" dialog box that comes after the dialog box for the name of the 
file, all I can get in the csv file is the value for the last animation 

Then I tried to select the SpreadSheet view and File->export into a csv 
file, but this gives the same result.

I believe that the Writer is expecting Time series, by my data (the 
aircraft skin) are not, and animations steps don't seem to be understood 
as Time steps. Of course, I can save data step by step, each step in a 
csv file, but does anyone know a trick to save data for all steps into a 
single csv file.

Best regards.

 Richard GRENON
 Departement d'Aerodynamique Appliquee - DAAP/ACI
 8 rue des Vertugadins
 phone : +33 1 46 73 42 17
 fax   : +33 1 46 73 41 46
 mailto:Richard.Grenon at onera.fr

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