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Paul Edwards paul.m.edwards at gmail.com
Fri Nov 26 03:39:07 EST 2010

When you use the transform filter it will also transform the "active"
vectors, i.e. rotating the model will rotate the vectors too.  Note: this is
very confusing if you have multiple vectors as it is not immediately obvious
which one is getting transformed (as only one is "active").

On 25 Nov 2010 10:44, "Adriano Gagliardi" <agagliardi at ara.co.uk> wrote:

Dear All,

I've come across some strange behaviour using the transform filter. I have
two pipelines that are near identical. Infact, the only difference is the
point at which a transform about a single axis is applied. The process is as

1 Read Data
2 Extract Blocks
3 Extract Surface
4 Generate Surface Normals
5 Calculator (create vector, var*Normals)
6 Calculator (create vector from scalars)
7 Integrate data

If I apply the transform at any point before step 6, I get one set of
integrated values. If I apply it after step 6, then my x components of the
first vector & z component of the second vector are completely different
(even different signs), but the others still agree well. I noticed that the
transform filter was actually converting the value computed in item 6 from a
double to a float, so I changed this last night and recompiled. I also
changed the vtkPolyDataNormals to use doubles instead of floats. However,
neither of these changes has helped the issue.

I fail to see why the timing of applying the transform for this case should
influence the results so. Have I missed something?




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