[Paraview] display thrid dimension of nc file

Xian Sperber xian2paraview at googlemail.com
Fri Nov 19 08:18:05 EST 2010

Thank for the reply.
I am using a netcdf grid file. This file consists of three dimensions. When
I open it in paraview the x- and y-dimensions are nicely displayed while the
z-variable is colour coded. I, however, would like to display the the
z-dimension in z-direction.

Opening the data in 3D mode allows me to rotate the grid as a flat disc but
does not give me a 3D effect of the z-dimension. Changing the vertical scale
had no effect either. In the Object Inspector>Information>Data Array is the
z-dimension listed with z, float, [5.566, 170.259] for Name, Data Type, Data
Ranges, respectively. In the Extents field, however, is the Z Extent 0 to 0
(dimension: 1).
Can anybody help?


On 19 November 2010 13:45, David Doria <daviddoria at gmail.com> wrote:

> On Fri, Nov 19, 2010 at 5:10 AM, Xian Sperber
> <xian2paraview at googlemail.com> wrote:
> > Dear list,
> >
> > As a newbie I have some problems to display the third dimension in
> paraview.
> > I have opened a nc file which displays nicely although only in 2D. The
> third
> > dimension is shown in the Object Inspector under variable but I don't
> know
> > how to display it.
> > Can somebody point me in the right direction, please.
> >
> > xian
> What is an "nc" file?
> If you click the "split window" button, you can then choose "3D
> window". Then when you make the data visible in that window it will be
> 3d.
> Would anyone agree to a feature request of having the option of
> changing the window type, exactly so you can open this type of file
> and then just click "3d" without having to open a new window and close
> the old one?
> David
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